Dog Walking Services in Milton Keynes

Based in Milton Keynes, we provide dog walking, dog home visiting and dog transportation services in and around the Milton Keynes area.

If you need our services but are based outside of this area, then please contact us for details.

Dog Walking

Our dog walks are either a 30 minute or a 60 minute walk depending on your dog’s requirement, age and health. In order for your dog to get the best out of his time we like to undertake a group walk (up to 4 dogs) so your dog can socialise and have some play time with his friends. All dogs are assessed as to their social skills and like-minded dogs are walked together. Once the walk is over, your dog will be towelled off if wet and fresh water replenished. Individual walks are also available, at no additional charge, for dogs unable to walk in a group due to age or disposition.

The Outward Bounder

For the more energetic lively dogs, we offer the Outward Bounder.  This walk is 2 hours minimum in length and is usually somewhere stimulating and exciting.  For example, an exhilarating walk along the Bucks Way, Woburn Woods or in Stockgrove Park.


Pop-Ins are 15 minute visits to let your dog stretch his legs in the garden, do his business, fuss and cuddle or anything else you request.  Fresh water is replenished. Should your dog require regular medication due to surgery or illness, or require feeding more regularly than normal, we are happy to help via our 15 minute pop-in. If you have recently added to your family by means of a new puppy, our pop-ins may be just what you need! During these visits we play, fuss and cuddle with your puppy, clean up any "mess" and ensure that fresh water is replenished and food (if required) is provided. This is an excellent way to break up the day if you need to leave your puppy and helps with toilet training by providing regular comfort breaks. This is a flexible service, simply add as many pop-ins to the day to suit you.

Transport Services

We provide a fully insured Dog Taxi service. Our van is equipped with separate cages for your dog's safety and a fresh air ventilation system. Our Taxi service can take your dog to the vets, kennels, or to friends, family or the groomer.

Pet Sitting

If you have cats, or small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, birds or fish, we would love to look after them too! If you are going on holiday, our pet sitting service may be just what you need. Leave your pet in the comfort of their own home and we will check on them every morning and every night. As well as feed, replenish water and change litter or bedding, we will also pick up mail, open curtains, water plants and adjust lighting and heating so your house still feels like a home to your pets. We can even buy milk and bread ready for that first cup of tea and slice of toast on your arrival home!

Key Recovery

Should you ever get locked out of your home, no need to call a locksmith. As key holders, we are happy to come to the rescue and meet you at your home with our set of keys we hold on file.